5 Things Res Life Professionals Should Keep in Mind When Setting New Semester Resolutions

Welcome to 2022 Roompact Readers!

With every new year comes new resolutions, but as residence life professionals, we know that each semester is also an opportunity for new ideas and improvements. While the new year lends itself to refreshed inspiration, many New Year’s resolutions fall short by the end of the first month. Here are five tips to sustain your resolutions throughout the semester.

1. Reflect on last semester before setting your resolutions.

Before setting your resolutions for the coming semester, it is important to reflect on the previous semester to ensure your goals are timely and relevant.

What went well last semester? What contributed to this success? What are areas of improvement? How can you set yourself up for success in the coming semester?

2. Set a realistic number of resolutions.

While the New Year can bring clarity and motivation, setting too many goals for the upcoming semester can make success unrealistic. By setting a smaller number of meaningful goals, you will build momentum with your successes instead of becoming overwhelmed when you are pulled in various directions. Beginning with three main goals will help to keep your focus when life starts to get in the way.

3. Be specific.

In order to increase the probability that you will achieve your resolutions, be specific and break them down into manageable, measurable chunks. For example, you may want to be more financially secure. Rather than stop there, give yourself an actionable item. “I will go to Starbucks no more once a week,” or “I will set up my direct deposit to put $100 of every paycheck and put it into a separate savings account.” Making it specific can lead to better results.

4. Ask for support.

Whether it is an accountability partner to conduct weekly check-ins or a less formalized form of support, having resources in place to advocate for your benefit will help to set you up for success when implementing new semester goals. Talking through your resolutions in one on ones or with friends will help to encourage your success in all areas of your life. The more support you have, the more likely you are to succeed.

5. Do not be afraid to modify your resolutions.

As optimistic as we were that the start of this semester would bring some normalcy, we are still living in the continuing stages of a pandemic. Though goal setting can help to give a sense of control during these unprecedented times, be sure to give yourself grace. You likely are not functioning at full-capacity and that is okay! Be compassionate with yourself and be flexible with your goals–smaller successes will last longer than giving up.

While New Year’s resolutions are not for everyone, they can be a helpful way to implement reflective practices and action in your professional and personal life. Whether the resolutions are for yourself, your staff, or your residents, Roompact wishes you much success in 2022.

What are your semester resolutions?

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