Why Roompact?

Roompact was established in 2013 and has since grown to become a leading provider of residence life and residential education software for institutions across the country. Roompact develops software tools exclusively for the housing and residence life industry and is relied on by hundreds of thousands of users from around the United States every day. We partner with public and private institutions ranging in resident populations of 500 to 13,500 students all with unique processes and learning models.

Roompact has partnered with more departments of Housing and Residential Education to advance student learning and residential curriculum than any other company. Roompact employs experts from the fields of student affairs and technology, and our team has decades of combined experience and advanced degrees in our field, including as faculty members for ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach (formerly the Residential Curriculum Institute) for multiple years, and for ACUHO-I’s Professional Standards Institute.

ACPA - College Student Educators International

Roompact has been recognized as an exceptional company in our field and is the recipient of the 2018 MACUHO Vendor of the Year Award. Additionally, Roompact is the only software company partnered with and endorsed by ACPA – College Student Educators International and is a founding sponsor of the ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach as well as a founding sponsor of ACUHO-I’s Academic Initiatives Conference.

B-Corp Certified

Roompact is currently the only B Corp certified company in the housing and residence life space; further exemplifying our commitment to transparency and social responsibility.

1% 4 Student Affairs

Roompact is the founding member of 1% for Student Affairs which is our promise to donate 1% of our annual revenue to various Student Affairs nonprofit organizations.

We Are Neutral

Roompact annually offsets all of its carbon usage that can’t be reduced or eliminated through other means.

Roompact started and remains a family-owned business dedicated to doing right by its employees and the campuses we serve. We seek to develop long term collaborative relationships with our campus partners that improve the expense of students and the educators that work with them. In short, our mission is to empower the work of residence life staff members by providing a modern and flexible software specifically designed for their everyday work.

Why do schools use Roompact?

Most universities and colleges have a Housing Management System (HMS) that handles the application and assignment of residents on campus. Although the HMS helps on the operations and logistical side of housing, it is not something that is typically accessed or used by student staff members frequently. 

Oftentimes, residence life departments rely on general tools that are purchased at a campus level. Student staff members will log interactions and notes in dispersed places such as Microsoft Suites, Google Forms, Mach Forms or Qualtrics. This leads to scattered information that is difficult and time consuming to find or use for insights. It also creates inefficient processes that lead to more administrative work for staff members.

Roompact is a dedicated residence life software that places the work of Resident Advisors and Resident Directors at the forefront. Roompact is an all-in-one platform that is designed for student staff members to use everyday. Their daily tasks are simplified because all forms are available within Roompact. It becomes a central hub to log interactions or notes to share with their supervisors. Roompact also provides easy ways to communicate with residents and also log records of those interactions. 

In addition, Roompact makes it easy for student staff members to log and categorize notes and fill out forms. This information is then easily accessible and viewable by all staff members. It helps professional staff members know what the RAs know and therefore closes the information gap that exists between professional staff and student staff members.

Making sure your assessment data is clean and consistent can save staff members tons of time. Roompact has a number of tools built into the software that not only ensure better data consistency, but also allow you to view your data in multiple ways. The department has the autonomy and flexibility to collect relevant and impactful data by designing or planning relevant data tags. The software helps you build confidence that your data will be usable and available to you for quick or prolonged analysis. 

Used through several years, we are also able to collect and compare data sets year over year. Roompact is able to provide information on how many roommate conflicts were logged or how many academic difficulty notes were left on the platform. By collecting consistent data over time, we are able to see if certain initiatives have resulted in positive outcomes or need to be revisited.

Schools choose Roompact’s software over other solutions because…

Although some of Roompact’s software features overlap with other software solutions, Roompact’s exclusive focus on residential education means our software has a depth of features, all-in-one, that other software solutions don’t match. Access to all of these features are included for all schools with no “add-on” costs.

  • Roompact’s software works with a range of models for student learning and engagement–from program models to community development models to residential curriculum.
  • Roompact has a specialty in residential curriculum and curricular approaches. We offer consultations on residential curriculum processes and assessment included in your partnership, without an additional fee.
  • Roompact’s software provides student level tracking that aids in the assessment of intentional conversations and student interventions.
  • Roompact provides full support, consultation, and training. We physically visit all new campuses we partner with and provide on-campus training.
  • Roompact’s user interface is frequently cited as superior to other platforms. It is modern, easy-to-use, and intuitive, especially for student staff and residents.

Roompact is the only residence life and residential education software company that is…

  • A certified B Corp.
  • A family-owned small business.
  • Endorsed by ACPA – College Student Educators International. Roompact is also proud to be the founding sponsor of ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach.

Roompact is the only residence life and residential education software to…

  • Provide full access to all features and future updates included in the contract. 
  • Provide automatic resident roster updates through JSON integration with Housing Management Systems or Student Information Systems, including StarRez, RMS Mercury, Adirondack The Housing Director, or Banner.
  • Provide a general purpose REST API which allows institutions to pull operational and student learning outcome data from Roompact.
  • Integrate with Housing Management Systems to build virtual residence halls, floors, rooms and resident pages into software. This allows staff members to view detailed information about a particular community or student on demand.
  • Provide a Room Status, or color-coded sociogram based on staff member direct measures and resident  responses to preset surveys. This allows staff members to receive real time notifications and proactively remediate potential roommate conflicts or mental health concerns. 
  • Collect and consolidate all notes, form submissions, and communications under a single resident page.
  • Allow for two-way SMS text communication with residents and microsurveys.