Roompact at it's first conference, GLACUHO
Matt and Meg of Roompact at our very first conference, GLACUHO, in 2013.

Roompact started as (and remains) a family-owned business with a simple idea of helping college students navigate roommate conflict. Since 2013, we have evolved and broadened our scope to help residence life and education professionals with all aspects of their work in helping students. Although we’ve grown tremendously since 2013, we remain committed to our values, a company that does right by its employees, the campuses it serves, and the field of residence life and student housing as a whole. We’re not in this to make a quick buck, or to flip our company and sell it to the highest bidder. We’re in this for the long haul and seek to develop long term collaborative relationships with campus partners that will improve the experience of students and the educators that work with them.

Roompact is Committed To…

  • Giving back to and doing right by people, the profession, society, and the planet.
  • Designing intuitive, modern, and secure software.
  • Initiating proactive outreach, training, and solutions rooted in collaborative relationships.
  • Responding to support requests quickly and thoroughly with care.
  • Providing fair and transparent pricing with no hidden fees or add-ons.
B Corp Certified

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Recognizing Native and Indigenous Lands and Supporting Native and Indigenous Peoples

Roompact actively works towards creating a welcoming space for our employees, clients, and everyone around us. As a company and as individuals, we have a responsibility to consistently grow our knowledge and help work towards positive social outcomes. As a part of this commitment, we strive to learn about and respect the tribes, cultures, and people who once walked and currently walk this land and how history has shaped their present reality. 

The Roompact team acknowledges and respects indigenous inhabitants and the ancestral lands that we place our feet on both virtually and physically. Although we now work remotely, doing our business from our individual homes, our organization’s roots are in Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is ancestral land that belongs to indigenous tribes including the Council of the Three Fires (comprised of the Ojibwe, Odawa, and Potawatomi Nations) as well as the Miami, Ho-Chunk, Menominee, Sac and Fox, Kickapoo, and Illinois Nations. We acknowledge the actions and events that dislocated indigeous families and tribes from these ancestral lands and promise to work to reverse the effects of these actions, lifting up native peoples and voices in the process.

Roompact is committed to cultivating an understanding of the struggles and gaps indigenous peoples face not only in higher education spaces but also in everyday life. Our goal is to continue educating ourselves and those around us to listen, understand, and take action to empower native voices and lift up indigenous peoples, students, and communities. One of the tangible ways we have taken action is through our Implementation Fee Waiver program.

Currently, Roompact works with colleges and universities all across the United States. We also encourage the ongoing efforts our college and university partners to acknowledge the lands on which their institutions reside and the past history of forced relocation, genocide, and exploitation of the native and indigenous peoples who inhabit and inhabited their lands.

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