Collecting data isn’t useful unless you can make sense of it and use it to make informed decisions. Roompact’s real-time data tools allow you to see what’s happening on campus, in your buildings, on specific floors, or with individual students. By identifying trends early you can be proactive in preventing further problems before they arise.

View Data in Multiple Formats

Whether you want to view your data in aggregate, or if you want to see it on an individual student level, Roompact’s software gives you the flexibility to see your data from multiple angles. You can also download your data to do even more advanced analysis. It’s data unlocked in ways you can’t replicate with other software tools.

“Roompact has allowed us to see our students in a different light. Instead of emails passed from person to person, we can review a student file and see multiple interaction points at varying times of the semester. This allows us to better serve our students and create efficiencies in our communication.”

Tanya Massey, Oklahoma State University

Tag-Style Question

Qualitative Coding on the Fly. #TagIt

Are you dealing with large amounts of textual data without an easy way to make sense of it? You can create custom tag families of qualitative codes to help with categorizing and coding on-the-fly. This can be especially useful for intentional conversations or in tracking duty/on-call trends.

Insights into ALL of your Data

Through Roompact’s Insights feature, you have the ability to view your data in multiple ways. Want to know which residents are interacted with most and least? Easy. Want to track staff member completion of tasks? Done. Want to check on mandatory student activities? You can. Who attended what programs and how many times? We can tell you.

Screenshot on Insights on Notes

Students of Concern

Coordinate follow-ups and provide critical information for your CARE Team. With Roompact, you’ll have all of your notes in one place and staff can log their follow-ups so you’re ready to provide updates at that next meeting.

Visual Layouts

See your buildings, floors, rooms, and students at a glance and interpret them easily with our visual layouts. You can also import resident photos or allow residents to upload their own.

Tailored Email Notifications

With Roompact, you can make granular email notifications in just a click. Need a duty report sent to you every morning for the buildings you oversee? Easy peasy.

Knowledge is power!

This mini-demo walks you through the room and resident timelines in our software. It allows you to see your aggregate data on an individual level.

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