A Love Letter to College Student Housing

As I sat down to author my final blog submission for this yearlong reflection through writing, my relationship with the profession kept coming up. If you add up my first experience of on-campus housing as a first-generation freshman, elected as hall president in my mostly male residence hall, I am wrapping up my 21st year... Continue Reading →

Scheduling Your Way to Success in Residence Life

As we are [hopefully] settling into the start of our academic years, you may have been noticing some patterns in your calendars and weekly schedules. It can quickly feel overwhelming with the various administrative tasks to accomplish each day and week, and with the unexpected items demanding a more urgent response which redirects our focus.... Continue Reading →

Strategies for Transitioning Up in Student Housing

As semester schools begin settling into the start of the fall semester, and quarter schools prepare for opening their halls and campuses, we may find ourselves struggling through a bit of transition into new roles, new communities, new supervisors, and new institutions. This cyclical transition finds many new professionals beginning their first full-time position, and... Continue Reading →

Using Roompact to Collect Student Feedback

Collecting and processing student feedback is crucial to ensuring that your department’s efforts are moving you toward your goals and serving students. Choosing the way in which this data is collected  from your residents is just as important as what you do with it to take action. Below are some ways you can utilize Roompact... Continue Reading →

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