We want to help you develop a culture of assessment in your department and make it easier than ever to engage in real-time assessment. With Roompact’s tools, we make your data easy to collect, easy to understand, and viewable in a number of different formats. Our RA’s (Roompact Advisors) are also here to consult with you when designing your assessment initiatives. We have case studies, ace guides, and templates to guide you along your way.


Get Deeper Insights!

Our Insights feature allows you to pull your own quick assessment reports which you can easily turn into departmental dashboards and share with staff to coordinate follow-up and improvements. Have an idea for a new Insight report? We can likely design it for you.

Examples of questions “Insight Reports” can help you answer:

  • Which of our residents have not been interacted with during nightly rounds, intentional conversations, or other formal touchpoints?
  • What percentage of residents have signed their Roommate/Suitemate Agreements?
  • What is the status of all of our student rooms? (green, yellow, red)
  • How many residents attended our Events and what other assessment information was gathered?
  • And more!!

Erin Simpson

“Roompact has absolutely enhanced the way our upper administration is able to take in, understand, and leverage the relationships our staff creates with residents. The information we are easily able to provide about every individual student has been transformative.”

Erin Simpson, University of Oklahoma

Easily Downloadable Data

You’ll find this blue download button in a number of places around Roompact’s software. We make it easy to view and understand your data within our software, but we also understand you might want to download it and do your own analysis. With Roompact, your data is always yours and is always accessible to you.

SMS Text-Based Microsurveys

Microsurveys allow you to do quick one-question surveys of your residents via text message (or email). This can be especially useful when doing resident check-ins and pulse-checks for retention or in crisis and emergency situations.

Real-Time Assessment

Data in Roompact arrives in real-time and is immediately viewable. Save time by letting us organize your data for you. You’ll be able to make more informed responsive decisions.

Year-Over-Year Comparisons

Roompact stores your historical data making it easier to make year-over-year comparisons. This also enables you to understand the history of your residents and rooms through time.

Complete Customization

Depending on the types and sources of the data you’re collecting, Roompact gives you a number of ways to design your tools in a way that will work for you. We also employ RAs (Roompact Advisors) that can consult with you and help you achieve the outcomes you desire.

Design Quality Assessments

This mini-demo walks you through creating forms in Roompact’s software. Forms are one of the most important ways you’ll collect and analyze data. Our forms also have some special Roompact-specific features that were designed with residence life departments in mind.

Find out how Roompact’s experts can help!

Reach out and request a video demonstration or a consult to take a look at our software.

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