Roompact Topics - Residential Curriculum and Curricular Approaches

Residential Curriculum and Curricular Approaches

Learn about how to develop, launch, maintain, and improve your curricular efforts.

Roompact Topics - Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities and Programs

Learn about different types of LLCs and LLPs and how to turn them into successful educational experiences.

Roompact Topics - Restorative Practices

Restorative Practices

Learn about restorative practices and fair process and how to incorporate these concepts into your residence life work.

Roompact Topics - Resident Advisors Research Training and Selection

Resident Advisors

Discover research and information on student staff positions in residence life–including the position itself, and how to recruit and train staff.

Roompact Topics - Residence Life Interview Question Banks

Residence Life Interview Question Banks

Lists compiling sample interview questions from various institutions broken out into position type:

Example Questions for Roommate Suitemate Agreements

Example Roommate/Suitemate Agreement Questions

The following list includes different questions Roompact schools have used over the years in the development of their Roommate and Suitemate Agreement documents.

Roompact Topics - ACUHO-I Internship Resources

ACUHO-I Internship Resources

Help and guidance for candidates navigating the ACUHO-I summer internship program.

Roompact Topics - Door Dec and Bulletin Board Ideas

Door Dec and Bulletin Board Idea

Ideas and examples of staff-created door decs and bulletin boards.

Roompact Topics - COVID-19 and Residential Education


Learn about how institutions adapted during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


ACUHO-I Regions

Roompact-specific content related to the ACUHO-I regions.