Residential Curriculum
These resources are a part of our ongoing efforts to share research and insights into developing a residential curriculum. While these materials may help in providing a broad understanding what a curriculum entails, the ACPA Residential Curriculum Institute goes through step-by-step detail into how to enact these principles in your work. Our staff member, Paul Gordon Brown, also offers workshops and other consultative services related to a residential curriculum. Roompact is a proud sponsor of the Residential Curriculum Institute and is its official software partner.

If you’re looking to connect with others around curriculum, consider joining the Residential Curriculum Facebook Group or follow the #ACPARCI hashtag on Twitter and other platforms. There are a number of ways to connect with colleagues around this topic.

In addition to the resources below, you can also download our eBook that provides an overview of the approach and our Curriculum Self-Assessment Instrument to learn more about the curricular approach.

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Posts About the 10 Essential Elements of a Residential Curriculum:

Residential Curriculum

Further Reading on Developing a Residential Curriculum:

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Residential Curriculum

Schools Referencing A Curriculum:

Although there are many schools implementing curricular approaches to residential and student life, detailed information on these approaches can be difficult to find online. The following is a list of schools that have references to curricular frameworks and/or planning documents (including learning goals and outcomes, strategies, lesson plans, etc.) online. Note that these are of varying quality, and although an institution may list or reference a curricular-type frame work, they may not implement a true approach in practice. The most useful links are in bold.

Residential Curriculum
Presentations on Residential Curriculum:

The following are presentations on residential curriculum that are publicly available online. The most useful links are in bold.