Intent versus Impact? Do Both! Designing Impactful LLC Programs through Intentional Relationship Building [Webinar Recording]

WebinarThis free webinar series, hosted by Roompact in collaboration with the University of South Florida Department of Residential Education, was designed for scholar-practitioners to explore, analyze, and evaluate innovative engagement practices to enhance student success and academic excellence. This four-week series has intentionally scaffolded learning to allow subject matter experts to share strategies, techniques, and best practices. Join us as we share tools utilized at the University of South Florida and leverage tangible takeaways to implement at your institution. Learn more about this entire series…

Creating a strong structure and foundation for your Living Learning Program (LLP) is highly dependent on collaborative relationships between Residential Education staff and academic partners. A key component in making an impact on residential students is in the success of these relationships. In this webinar, we will share strategies and insights to create a best practice model that guides our Academic Initiatives and Living Learning Community program. Join us as we explore an innovative approach to increasing co-curricular engagement, buy-in, and interest in high-impact practices which support academic excellence within our residential communities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and identify logistical components of residential academic support initiatives.
  • Examine strategies to integrate academic experiences within on-campus residential communities.
  • Cultivate and support divisional and institutional academic and campus partnerships.

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