27 Quick Questions to Assess Student Learning

One of the most important aspects of developing residence hall curriculum is the establishment of assessment practices that measure student learning. The use of Bloom’s Taxonomy and its related verbs can help in this regard by ensuring that the outcomes we seek to achieve are specific and measurable. But how do we actually do the assessment?

Micro-assessments at the end of each educational activity can help with this. Teacher and scholar Mia MacMeekin put together the following infographic which helps show how one can translate outcomes into assessments of learning. Organized around the domains identified in Bloom’s taxonomy, the inforgraphic includes quick activities to check for student understanding. Incorporating short assessments such as the one’s described in this infographic can help in evaluating the effectiveness of your educational strategies.

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If you’re looking at incorporating these types of learning assessments into your own work, there are a number of resources that can be of help. Residence life educators may find Angelo and Cross’ Classroom Assessment Techniques particularly helpful. Barkley and Major’s Learning Assessment Techniques also provides many quick examples. Although these were developed for use in classroom environments, they can be useful starting points for adaptations to the co-curricular environment.

27 Quick Questions to Assess Student Learning.

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