ResEdChat Ep 43: Understanding NACURH on the Campus, Regional, and National Levels

Caring, dedication, and participation; are the three links that are used to describe how NACURH members work to lead, serve, and create a community on many of our campuses. Join NACURH Advisor, Jamie Lloyd, and NACURH Regional Advisor, Tommy Newsome, II, as they each talk about their journey from being student leaders to now serving as professional staff advisors in the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). They offer sage advice on being a good advisor, recruiting student leaders to your Community Councils and RHA Boards, and exactly what NACURH is about!

ResEdChat Ep 39: Using the Doctorate To Amplify the Voices of Students and Staff

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, Guest Host Crystal Lay speaks with Drs. Kawanna Leggett and Erik Sorenson, and future Dr. Alvin Mangosing about each of their decisions to pursue a doctoral degree and how they are using what they have learned to enhance the experience of their staff and students.  They also highlight the importance of each person making educational and career decisions that make sense for themselves.  Finally, they each provide their thoughts on whether one needs a doctoral degree to do our work in college student housing and residence life.

ResEdChat Ep 33: Keith Edward’s New Book, “Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity”

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, Crystal sits down with Keith Edwards to discuss his new book, Unmasking: Toward Authentic Masculinity. "Based on more than fifteen years of research, Keith E. Edwards, PhD, illuminates men’s masking, unmasking, and becoming to help men develop their own authentic masculinity. He also shares strategies to help us all better engage the men in our lives with empathy, reach them with compassion, effectively hold them accountable, and help them to become the men they aspire to be."

ResEdChat Ep 29: Dr. Gregory Thompson on Campus Politics and Building Relationships

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, Crystal chats with "Dr. G" about the complexities of campus politics. We delve deeper with our guest on how to understand and navigate a campus organization--both the explicit and implicit expectations and norms. Along the way there are many practical strategies and tips on how to get a handle on campus politics and relationship building in your own work.

Residence Life and Diversity: Oil and Water?

“Are you sure you’re in the correct field?” “Have you thought about going into diversity work?” “Be careful before you end up on an island!” “Wow, that is really powerful, maybe we should leave that to the experts in multicultural affairs!” “You look so professional when your hair is straightened.”  “You should work at an... Continue Reading →

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