Roompact’s Carbon Footprint Report Card for 2021

Roompact has always been sensitive to the needs of our planet, attempting to make green choices whenever possible. Beginning with 2021, Roompact is making a formal commitment to our planet by offsetting all of our carbon usage when greener options aren’t available. Partnering with the organization We Are Neutral, we have submitted an inventory about our carbon usage and have purchased offsets to achieve carbon neutrality.

Although carbon offsets are a positive step, we also aim to reduce our carbon usage overall. We believe that being transparent about our carbon footprint and our efforts to reduce it can be an important catalyst for encouraging other companies, organizations, and individuals to do the same. Below you will find our report card for 2021.

Air Travel. Roompact’s biggest carbon producing activities by far, relate to travel–specifically flight travel. Our flights are typically for attending conferences and for the on-site training we do for all of our campus partners. As an integral part of our business, air travel will continue to be an important part of our work. We have discussed ways of reducing our reliance on air travel through more virtual training and engagement opportunities with our campuses and partners.

Remote Work. Because Roompact is a fully remote company, our office expenses related to electricity, natural gas, water, and waste are calculated based on the home offices of our staff members. Staff are encouraged to choose green (or greener) options whenever possible. We have a goal for 2022 to begin subsidizing employee energy so they can purchase completely renewable options.

Servers. Because Roompact is a provider of software services “in the cloud,” you may wonder about the footprint of the servers used to run our software. We desire to move our servers to those powered by 100% renewable energy, but we aren’t quite there yet.

Purchasing. When ordering supplies, swag, and other materials, we prioritize those with strong environmental credentials (and those that are certified as B-Corps). A couple companies worth a look include Kleen Kanteen and Ethical Swag.

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