Roompact Contest 2021 Q4: Blog Writing Competition… “How COVID Has Changed Res Life”

We want to hear from you…
How has COVID permanently changed the field of residence life and housing?

Want to share your thoughts? Roompact is holding a blog post writing contest! Put your thoughts to paper and you could win a prize. All winners will also receive a personalized caricature of themselves done by our artist.

As the pandemic continues (re-emerges? recedes?), it is becoming clear that it will have some permanent long-term impacts on the fields of college and university residence life and housing. What will these changes be? Or what should these changes be? Let us know by writing a one-page single spaced blog post about one aspect of this change of your choosing.

This contest is open to higher education professionals (and graduate students) at colleges and universities (regardless of whether your institution is a Roompact campus, or not). Email it to us as an attachment to from your institutional email address (*.edu) with your name (as you want it attributed in your post), institution (and if you want it listed with your post or not), and a high-quality forward-facing headshot of you to be turned into a caricature.

By submitting your post and photo, you agree that we can publish it on our blog and post it to our social media channels. Roompact reserves the right to deny any entries or ask for edits at its own discretion.

The blog post must be sent by December 31st at midnight local (your) time to be considered!


Everyone who submits a blog post will have their headshot turned into a caricature. We will use this in the post, but also provide you with the original file. This caricature is our “thank you” for submitting and you can use it however you wish–websites, social media profiles, presentations, etc.

There will be four $100 prizes given to the “best” submissions. Two prizes will be determined by the Roompact Team and the other two will be determined through an online poll on our blog in the month of January. For the Roompact-juried prize, we are looking for novel insight, quality writing, and a Roompact mention doesn’t hurt either. 😉

Roompact attempts to support socially responsible, local, and minority owned businesses to the greatest extent possible. To further this aim, winners will receive the $100 in the form of gift cards to Goldbelly–a site that allows you to order items from local restaurants all across the country.

Ideas or Prompts to Get You Started

  • How has COVID impacted the retention or recruitment of staff?
  • Is remote work here to stay?
  • How has technology helped with our work and what is its future role?
  • How might facilities be designed differently going forward?
  • Are there permanent changes to the way rooms are assigned and capacity determined?
  • What changing skills do residence life professionals need?
  • What are some new and emergent needs of residents?
  • How might our student learning and educational efforts look different?
  • Has the pandemic changed the role of student staff?
  • Anything else you may notice as an emerging trend or change to the field as a whole…

Happy writing!

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