🦠 ResLife & Corona Episode 4: How Text Messaging Can Help You Reach Your Students

In episode 4 of Roompact’s series on residence life and education during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Paul Brown discusses how text messaging can help in engaging and communicating with your residents. Even before the pandemic, text messaging was a highly effective way of communicating with residents, often yielding better read and respond rates over email. With social distancing and other mitigation efforts in effect, texting is even more effective. Furthermore, when students are in isolation, texting can be an easy lifeline for ensuring they are connected and getting their needs addressed.

Roompact’s software offers a number of two-way text messaging features between student and professionals staff and their residents. Out one-questing text-message-based microsurveys are also incredibly useful for rapidly deploying and collecting survey data. Find out more.

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