How Technology Took Over Our Work: The Animated Evolution of the Desk Since 1981

evolution of the desk

It is amazing how quickly our work has evolved in such a short period of time. As the above animated GIF shows (originally produced as a video by the team at BestReviews), many of our former paper-based and manual processes have moved to digital.  What is perhaps most striking is how so much of our lives have been reduced down to one tiny (very powerful) machine.

At Roompact, we’re at the forefront of some of these changes in residence life and education. At our core, we hope to create tools and features that allow student affairs educators to reduce their reliance on unsustainable, physical, and paper-based processes. Furthermore we aim to create efficiencies so staff can spend less time on administrative procedures and more time on developing relationships with students and aid them in their learning.

Of course, technological change is not always benevolent. Our devices can distract us and themselves become the center of our work instead of a tool to enable us to do our work. On the whole, however, technological change has allowed us to work more efficiently than ever and has unleashed new forms of creativity.

How about you? How has technology changed your life?

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