Get to Know The Roompact Team! Meet Megan Marwitz Unger

Megan has been with Roompact from Day 1. She walked up and down the streets of Chicago with Matt, brainstorming how to build the company. She also represented Roompact at our first conference, GLACUHO 2014! Over the years, Megan has taken care of many of the unglamorous aspects of building and maintaining a business. Today, Megan works on accounting, administrative, and organizational duties that make sure our business keeps running!

Megan Unger

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Alma Mater: Marquette University
Major: B.S. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Favorite Emoji: 💃

What is one word that describes you?
If I had to pick one thing to describe me, it would be that I am detail-oriented.  I see things from beginning to end in a precise way and love working to achieve an end goal. Solving puzzles, problems, and anything with numbers brings out the nerd in me.  One of my go to pastimes is to do a puzzle – the old school, jigsaw kind with at least 1000+ pieces.

Megan Unger

What do you do for fun? Any hobbies?
I love spending time with my husband, Matt, and our pup, Lily. We enjoy taking walks and exploring Chicago together.  I’ve had a ton of fun training her and she’s become my little companion and most would say, my shadow, as she never leaves my side. 🙂

Matt and I like to cook and try out new recipes together.  Cooking was one of our first, common passions together. I knew he was a keeper when he cooked me a homemade, from scratch, spaghetti and meatball dinner in college! I also love baking and ensuring everyone has enough sugar in the tank to keep working extra hard to make Roompact even better!

What is one fun fact that not many people do not know about you?
I grew 4 inches in 12 hours… I had to have scoliosis spinal fusion surgery when I was fifteen years old and they put titanium rods and screws in between every vertebrae to straighten out my spine.

Megan and Matt Unger

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