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At Roompact, we’re committed to helping advance knowledge and research for the betterment of professional practice. To that end, we’ve developed a departmental self-assessment document that that is intended to be a helpful guide for schools utilizing a curricular approach to their educational efforts. The Residential Curriculum Standards Self-Assessment tool provides staff and review committees with suggested areas and benchmarks against which they can gauge the development of their curricular efforts.

Combined with our in-house expertise, these criteria and areas of assessment were developed from the “10 Essential Elements” outlined by Kerr, Tweedy, Edwards, and Kimmel (2017). They also represent some of the common “best practices” seen at several of the schools with which Roompact works. As knowledge develops in this area, we hope to continually revise and update these standards. If you have feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us.


Curriculum Standards Example


Curriculum Standards Example

Ways To Use This Instrument

There are a number of ways to use this instrument for continuous improvement. You may ask staff members to complete this assessment individually and then meet together as a team to discuss areas of agreement or divergence. This tool can also be useful for an external review team or as a part of a department’s ongoing peer review process. Although some standards may not apply in all instances, nearly all are required for the full implementation of a true curriculum.

Share and Share Alike

Roompact is committed to helping the student affairs and housing profession by providing free tools and resources. As such, this guide is provided for free. You can distribute it, modify it, and use it as you see fit. We only ask that you give us credit and use it for non-commercial purposes. You can download it through the link below.

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