RA*Chat Ep 57: I was an RA: Community, Connection, and Customer Service

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, Crystal engages in a conversation with Emma Rash, who serves as a Security Analyst for a Defense Contractor. Her current role involves ensuring the safety of people, much like her previous experience as a Resident Assistant (RA). She generously shares her personal journey, discussing how she found her voice, built confidence, and learned valuable lessons about setting boundaries. Emma offers valuable advice to Resident Assistants, including emphasizing the importance of self-care by reminding us that we cannot effectively help others when our own cup is empty.

ResEdChat Ep 56: Authenticity, Adaptability, and Support: Having Effective 1:1’s with Student Staff

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, Crystal engages in conversation with Camille (Mimi) Sullivan, an Associate Director of Residential Education at Sonoma State University. They delve into the art of conducting effective one-on-one meetings with RAs. Mimi offers invaluable insights on the content of these meetings, the optimal frequency for conducting them, and strategies for rebounding from a "challenging" one-on-one session. Mimi emphasizes the significance of tailoring these meetings to address individual needs, the value of authenticity in your interactions, and the importance of clear and open communication.

RA*Chat Ep 54: I was an RA: Transferable Skills for Life and Career

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, Crystal engages in a conversation with Keneise Evans from the University of Iowa, delving into her experiences as a former Resident Assistant (RA) and the valuable skills she has carried with her throughout her career journey. Keneise generously shares insights into the skillset she developed during her RA days, including adept time management, effective budgeting, caring for others, and flexibility.  She speaks directly to RAs on how the skills cultivated as an RA can shape their own path to a fulfilling career.

ResEdChat Ep 48: Rethinking Residence Life Staff Structures

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, we chat with Stewart Robinette, who was most recently at The George Washington University and was instrumental in some of the staffing structure changes they made to their residence life program. This episode will get you thinking about alternative ways to organize our work and how we construct the roles that serve our residents.

ResEdChat Ep 46: Designing Effective Behind Closed Doors (BCDs)

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, we chat with Dr. Rose Waples, who did research on RAs and crisis and emergency response, specifically looking at the experiential training experience known as Behind Closed Doors (BCDs). Many campuses have a BCDs session in their training schedule, but there are certain concepts to keep in mind when designing it to make it the most effective learning experience possible. Dr. Rose Waples is here to give us research-backed tips!

ResEdChat Ep 43: Understanding NACURH on the Campus, Regional, and National Levels

Caring, dedication, and participation; are the three links that are used to describe how NACURH members work to lead, serve, and create a community on many of our campuses. Join NACURH Advisor, Jamie Lloyd, and NACURH Regional Advisor, Tommy Newsome, II, as they each talk about their journey from being student leaders to now serving as professional staff advisors in the National Association of College and University Residence Halls (NACURH). They offer sage advice on being a good advisor, recruiting student leaders to your Community Councils and RHA Boards, and exactly what NACURH is about!

ResEdChat Ep 41: Roompact User Spotlight on The College of New Jersey

In this episode of Roompact's ResEdChat, we sit down with longtime Roompact software users at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ). The staff at TCNJ have been with Roompact for six years and share their journey along with some of their best practices and Roompact "pro tips." Learn about how they use data to better tell their story, assess the effectiveness of their initiatives, and aid in student retention.

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