Roompact is searching for its 2024 ACUHO-I Summer Intern!

Roompact is STOKED to be offering an ACUHO-I Summer internship for the fourth year. This position represents a unique opportunity for the right graduate student. You can experience what a “higher education adjacent” career path might look like, you can interact with many different campuses (not just one!), and you’ll have a lot of freedom to explore different aspects of the company according to your abilities and interests. To our knowledge, Roompact was the first (and still only) corporate partner to offer an ACUHO-I summer internship. Last year we were the only remote position as well.

As a former ACUHO-I Intern myself (at the University of Alaska Anchorage), I know what a powerful, transformational, and educational experience this can be and I’m super excited to be supervising this internship. I want to make sure that we help you reach your goals while also doing so awesome fun work for Roompact campuses and the professional field as a whole. I hope you’ll consider applying.
– Dr. Paul Gordon Brown, Director of the Campus Experience

If you, or someone you know, wishes to apply, you must go through the official ACUHO-I process and adhere to all of the rules, dates, and deadlines they have in place to ensure it is a fair process for all. Head to their website to begin the process. Even if you aren’t interested in interning at Roompact, there are a number of incredible positions available–both in-person and remote.

Patricia Harvel
Camille Bonar
Kassidy Giles

Learn more about our previous ACUHO-I interns and some tips to help you with the application and selection process.

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Position Description

RA Curriculum and Content Creator Intern

Thanks for your interest in our internship! We’re excited to be offering an internship again this year. This internship can be a great experience for those who want exposure to a number of schools and who want to experience what it is like to work for a private higher-education-adjacent company. 

The core project for this year’s intern is working to produce and extend a professional development and training curriculum for Resident Assistants across the country.  Through our software, we have access to thousands of RAs at different institutions. We also have the ability to target communications and content to them. We’re looking to create a year-long calendar of targeted professional development opportunities for all of our student staff users. This can include links to blog posts, videos, and other interactive content. Last year’s intern worked on this project and got it started. We’re looking to extend our resources for student staff further. Helps us curate and/or create the content for that curriculum.

Roompact Topics - RA and Student Staff Development Curriculum

See what work last year’s intern worked on and what we’re hoping to expand and extend!

In addition to this core project, interns can also engage in other opportunities for developing social media content, presentations, blog posts, video, and media. Interns will have the opportunity to shadow and participatie in annual check-in meetings and training sessions with current Roompact schools.  You can also explore other aspects of the company according to your abilities and interests. This could include experience with sales, general marketing, and software development. When you begin your internship experience, we’ll work with you to understand your educational goals and set up opportunities that will help you reach them. 

Interns will participate in all staff meetings and professional development opportunities just like all other Roompact Team members. We want you to have the full experience! 

Your supervisor will be Paul Brown, who has worked in residence life and student affairs for many years before  joining Roompact. As a former ACUHO-I Intern himself, Paul is committed to making this a positive educational  experience for you. If you want to learn more about Paul and his work on residential curriculum, check out his  website:

Benefits For You

We recognize that this is an educational opportunity for you and we want to make sure you’re learning throughout your internship experience. Roompact’s internship offers the opportunity to learn about the field of residence life by interacting with a number of different professionals from many campuses across the United States. You’ll also gain a unique perspective on the field from the point of view of a private company that partners with student affairs departments. If you’re also doing this for academic credit, we’re happy to support anything you need to fulfill your requirements.

About Roompact

Roompact is a small family owned business that develops software and services for residence life and education departments.  Our focus is on improving student engagement and learning, assessment, and helping staff be more efficient in their work. Roompact strives to be an ethical and socially-conscious company and is currently exploring being certified as a B-Corp, which is a social-benefit corporation that meets high standards of social responsibility.  IF you want to learn more about us, check out our website at


  • $600 per week, paid bi-weekly
  • 35 hour work week
  • 10 weeks is our target, but we’re totally flexible.

Interns will be paid at minimum the equivalent of $600 a week for a 35 hour work week. Roompact believes in paying its interns a living wage and therefore may increase compensation based on the intern’s location and circumstances.


  • Current or former Graduate Student
  • Prior work experience in residence life
  • Must provide own computer and internet access

Successful Candidates Will Possess:

  • Experience in leadership development
  • Experience as resident assistant or in leading a team of resident assistants
  • Knowledge (and desire to learn more about) student learning, development, assessment, and  residence life theory and practice 
  • Strong writing skills 
  • General tech-savviness 
  • Social justice and benefit orientation

Big Pluses (but not deal breakers):

  • Prior use of and familiarity with Roompact’s software
  • Knowledge of residential curriculum/curricular approaches
  • Experience with social media marketing and engagement
  • Public speaking skills (through video recordings, and webinar-type formats)
  • Graphic design skills

Come As You Are and Thrive

Roompact Logo in Rainbow

Roompact believes that being inclusive, working collaboratively, and recognizing the inherent value of every team member is essential. Diversity makes us stronger and better at the work we do. Roompact is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination or harassment of any kind. All employment decisions are based on business needs, job requirements, and individual qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status. Roompact also strives to go beyond what the law requires, and create a socially just and socially responsible work environment for the benefit of all.

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