Announcing the 2023 Roompact Door Dec Contest Winners!

Roompact’s door dec competition is now closed and we’re ready to announce the winners. We received 70+ entries (!), so picking ten was incredibly difficult. We tried to select a diverse group of winners that reflected the diversity of the submissions themselves.

Thank you to all who entered! Your ideas are now a resource for future RAs to use for inspiration.

Roompact Topics - Door Decs Design and Ideas

Access our resource page for more ideas and examples of staff-created door decs and bulletin boards.

Our Top Ten Winners

In no particular order…


Michigan Tech

“I have quads and have one bee per person and one hive per room.”


Rutgers New Brunswick


Texas State University


Cleveland State University

“My door decs are Koroks from the game Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. I selected this idea for my door decs because they were playful and since I am not living in the same building as my residents the “you found me” takes on an endearing meaning, serving as a charming guide to locate me easily.”


Texas A&M Univesity Commerce

“I did a Bridgerton tea party theme this year for my residents which included a teapot, teacup, macarons and of course flowers!”


University of Delaware

My floor theme was the beach so I designed and created wooden laser-cut surfboards for all of my residents, staff, and immediate supervisors. I then allowed the students to express themselves and show their personality by adding to theirs with paint, stickers, etc. I also laser cut stands that the students can have when they leave our community to allow their door dec to act as a nameplate for professional work environments.”


University of Colorado Boulder

“I designed every single one of them and put them together into real cassette tape sizes.”


University of Texas At Austin

“The objects inside the plastic covering are seashells I collected from a local beach; the paper animals I made are a blue whale, orca, narwhal, dolphin, and manatee.”


University of the Pacific

“The plane in the photo is a decoration in my hall for this semester’s hall theme: Finch The Self Care Pet app. The door dec I’m submitting is for my next semesters door decs and the new theme will be Noah Kahan albums themed. “You’re gonna go far” is one of his song titles.”


California State University Long Beach

Other Awesome Entries

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