How Much Does It Cost To Go To A Housing and Residence Life Conference in 2023?

I recently was having a discussion with a colleague about conference registration rates that got me thinking… What do these cost in 2023? (What is the cost of anything anymore in 2023?!) I’m often aware of the conferences I attend, but what about the others? How do they compare to one another? Which are the most expensive? Which are the most affordable?

The following was compiled to give a sense of prevailing conference registration rates, specially for housing and residence life professionals. To narrow the listing, associations were limited to: ACUHO-I (Housing and Residence Life), ACPA and NASPA (Student Affairs Generalist), ASCA (Student Conduct)

  1. Only in-person events are listed.
  2. All rates are for “Early” registration.
  3. All rates are for current “professionals” (non-graduate student, non-student) members of the respective associations. Membership is an additional cost that can vary.
  4. Some events provided by the associations didn’t currently have registration rates listed and were excluded.
  5. Some registration rates include some meals. All do not include lodging (with official hotel rates ranging from about $170-$250).

Regional ACUHO Annual Conferences:

Only two ACUHO regions currently list registration rates on publicly accessible pages. Some are behind a log-in for members and others do not list them until closer to their respective conferences.

  • GLACUHO (2023) – $285
  • NEACUHO (2023) – $275

National Conferences and Institutes:

  • ACUHO-I Academic Initiatives Conference (2023) – $955
  • ACUHO-I Business Operations (2023) – $955
  • ACUHO-I/APPA Housing Facilities (2023) – $955
  • NASPA Institute for Aspiring Vice Presidents for Student Affairs (2024) – $845
  • ACUHO-I Annual Convention and Expo (2023) – $785
  • ACUHO-I, ACUI, and NIRSA Aspiring Directors Institute (2023) – $785
  • ACPA Institute on the Curricular Approach (2023) – $629
  • ACPA Student Affairs Assessment Institute (2023) – $599
  • NASPA Racial Equity and Social Change Conference (2024) – $525
  • NASPA Peer Education Conference (2024) – $525
  • NASPA Strategies Conferences (2024) – $525
  • ASCA National conference (2023) – $500
  • NASPA Symposium on Military-Connected Students (2024) – $495
  • NASPA Conferences on Student Success in Higher Education (2023) – $495
  • NASPA Annual Conference (2024) – $485
  • ACPA Annual Convention (2024) – $459
  • ACPA Faculty Racial Justice and Decolonization Institute (2023) – $395
  • ACPA Institute for Aspiring SSAOs (2023) – $395

Some Interesting Notes and Takeaways

  • No registration cost has broken the $1000 barrier, but we’re getting close.
  • The ACPA and NASPA Annual Conferences are two of the most affordable, which was a bit surprising, but given their size and scale, they are likely able to reduce costs. Conversely, institutes and ACUHO-I international/national conferences are some of the most expensive, although they tend to include more meals with their registrations.
  • Generally, the more “niche” the experience, the higher the registration cost. This makes sense as convention space costs are likely higher on a per delegate basis. They’re also more likely to include provided meals, likely to meet food and beverage minimums.
  • Regional conferences, at least from the limited data available, are the most affordable of all.

What takeaways would you add?

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