Announcing the 2023 Roompact Bulletin Board Contest Winners!

Roompact’s bulletin board competition is now closed and we’re ready to announce the winners. We received 100 entires (!), so picking ten was incredibly difficult. Some boards did an excellent job at educating residents, while others were just beautiful! We tried to select a diverse group of winners that reflected the diversity of the submissions themselves.

Thank you to all who entered! Your ideas are now a resource for future RAs to use for inspiration.

Roompact Topics - Door Decs Design and Ideas

Access our resource page for more ideas and examples of staff-created door decs and bulletin boards.

Our Top Ten Winners

In no particular order…


University of Nebraska, Kearney

“Our bulletin boards to start the semester off were centered around community and kindness. I work with freshman and unfortunately our halls have been having quite a bit of incidents where people have not been treating each other with respect and kindness. I created this board with the intent that in a few weeks my hallway will take the sticky notes and leave them on strangers doors in the two adjoining dormitories to spread positive messages and brighten someone’s day. This would also help build a greater sense of self worth and community within the halls.”


Indiana University

“My bulletin board for Black History Month which included information about the cycle of liberation as well as many Black leaders.”


Marshall University


University of the Pacific

“My bulletin board is titled The Mood Meter and for the past two years students have been able to place sticky notes on certain moods. The purpose for this bulletin board was to allow students to name and recognize their emotions while participating in a community-wide activity. The board is designed in such a way that attention is drawn to the positive and high energy side of the bulletin board since the pattern is different compared to the other three quadrants.”


University of Pittsburgh

“I take great pride in my bulletin boards and this month is no exception. I made a swamp themed board that makes use of the frogs and mushrooms from my door decorations this semester. Information wise, the board is focused on academic and professional planning, highlighting resources that the university provides. There is information on studying abroad, co-ops, internship hunting, reminders on how to schedule meetings with advisors, and deadlines for class registration. My goal was to give my freshman residents enough information to start thinking about their future at the university while also not overwhelming them. This is also an interactive board, in which my residents could take a sticky note and manifest a goal that they have for their time at our university. I got great participation that really solidifies the lily-pad look. It also includes not one, but two puns! If your board doesn’t have a little bit of wordplay, are you really an RA?”


Stevens Institute of Technology

“My bulletin board focuses on women in the STEM field that have not received the recognition they deserve. My board allows residents to learn about some of these women by flipping over the piece of paper with their name and photo to read a small description about their contribution to the field.”


Vanderbilt University

“The bulletin board “How Have You (Bee)n” promotes passive and anonymous participation of residents in sharing their highs and lows with their floormates while receiving and giving support to each other. The bulletin board also features a fun/inspiring cartoon, a list of important university contacts (in the “buzzz” section), and a few questions/prompts to encourage responses. Residents have engaged with this board in many ways, including answering the prompts, providing encouraging comments, asking suggestions about social life, reacting after taking a midterm, suggesting ideas for residence hall programming, talking about wellbeing, or by doodling. This bulletin board has a golden, honey-like border and some hand-painted bees, creating a sense of sweet home-like community on the floor. This is very well suited for residents who might prefer passive interaction.”


Cleveland State University

“My bulletin board is about microaggressions. Our campus is very diverse, and I have had a few residents express their experience with microaggressions on campus. I did a lot of research for my board to make sure I was knowledgeable to make it accurate.”


Syracuse University

“This Spring semester, for my RA Bulleting Boards I combined a 70’s and 80’s theme, in this case, showcasing different musical staples from the time period. This particular Bulleting Board, titled “Get Back Into The Groove of Things” is meant to lay out important informational and educational resources for students, regarding health, wellness, mental wellbeing resources, as well as tutoring and mentoring programs, all available on campus to support residents as they push through their last semester of school.”


Texas State University

“Our floor theme is the Lorax, so we decided to make our board match our theme. We decided to include more recreational resources rather than purely academic ones. Throughout the semester we always talk about all the academic resources they may need, so we thought it would be nice to include recourses that they aren’t too familiar with. Our dorm is right by the Rec so we included 3 different resources they could find in the rec which are swimming lessons, Red Cross courses, and cycle classes.”

Other Awesome Entries

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