The Roompact Recap for Fall 2022

Are we back to normal yet?

Hello Roompact Friends! The rush of opening is complete and we’re coming off our most successful opening ever. In August/September, our average response time to your support emails was 15 minutes, and by being even more proactive, we’ve been able to reduce the number of times you’ve had to email us for help by nearly 30% over last year. This is even despite the fact that we’re now working with more schools than ever!

As always, if you have feedback on how we can make opening even more seamless for you, let us know!

And now a few updates…

Software Updates

You’ve probably already noticed, but in case you missed it, Schedule now has better repeating options. This should make it easier to set up your calendars at the start of the year!  If you are using the new feature, make sure to note the text included that describes how it works!

We’ve made a slight change to how tags are added when leaving a note on a resident, room, or suite timeline. Previously, Roompact provided a standard set of tags that could be used (shown here as “Standard Tags”) and any user could add their own custom tag which would then become available to all other users when they began typing (shown here as “Organization Tags”).

Now, when clicking the tag box, users will be presented with a drop down that they can select from. Additionally, adding new tags is now restricted to staff members who have Administrator-level accounts. This should cut down on similar or duplicate tag options, reduce confusion where student staff members used the box inappropriately,  and also surface the possible tags without requiring the user to start typing first.

As a consequence of this change, any previous tags added by your staff will now show up under “Organization Tags”. We’ll be reaching out to schools proactively to get these “cleaned up” but if you notice old Organization Tags that you won’t removed, just let us know!

Blogging Contest - Future of RAs

Blog Post Contest

Want to share your thoughts and ideas? Roompact is holding a blog post writing contest! Put your thoughts to paper and get paid for your time if your submission is chosen for publication. All persons submitting will receive a personalized caricature of themselves done by our artist as a thank you. Those selected for publication will get a $75 gift card

At the summer 2022 ACUHO-I Annual Convention, the future of the profession was a hot topic. One area that received a lot of energy and discussion was about the structure of our positions and what staff are asked to do in their roles. Some institutions have already begun experimenting with re-conceived RA positions–some reducing or changing duties, some breaking the position out into multiple roles, while others are moving the lines between professional and student staff responsibilities. What’s your hot take on this topic?

This contest is open to higher education professionals (and graduate students) at colleges and universities (regardless of whether your institution is a Roompact campus, or not). Write a post that is at least one page, single-spaced, in 10-12 point font with standard 1 inch margins. Email it to us as an attachment to from your institutional email address (*.edu) with your name (as you want it attributed in your post), institution (and if you want it listed with your post or not), pronouns, and a high-quality forward-facing headshot of you to be turned into a caricature.

The blog post must be sent by December 31st at midnight local (your) time to be considered!

DoorDec 2022 Winners

Check Out Our Door Dec Contest Winners!

Our winners have been announced! Check out all the great creativity coming from some of your fellow Roompact staff members.

Congratulations to the staff members at Marshall Univesity, Oklahoma State University, Concordia College, Univesity of Texas at Austin, Wayne State College, University of North Dakota, and Northern Illinois University.

Roompact Training

Software Training Recording

At the end of September, we held a virtual training for staff members who were either new to Roompact, or for current staff who needed a refresher. This training goes over all Roompact features from beginning to end. If you missed it and would like to watch, we’ve made the video available on our support portal.

Upcoming Conferences

We’re on the road again! We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events.

Stop by our booth and say hello!

Roompact Users Conference

Heading to ICA? Hold Your Schedule…

Our Roompact User’s “Mini” Conference is coming up!  We’re mixing it up again this year and will be holding it after the conclusion of the Institute on the Curricular Approach. Lunch will be provided starting at Noon.

Wednesday, October 19 from 12:30-2:30pm
at the Renaissance Baltimore Harbor Place

If you plan on attending, just email us to RSVP and we’ll make sure to send you the finalized room location and other details.

Residence Life and Housing Staff Selection

New Resource: Interview Question Banks

Want to improve your staff interview questions?
Looking for inspiration?

You can now access a question bank for both student staff and grad/entry-level staff interviews. Participating schools have offered up the questions they use in their interviews and these have been anonymized and categorized. Check them out! And, if you want to contribute your own, just send yours along and we’ll add them.

From The Blog

Restorative Practices

Check out Roompact blogger Jake Garner’s blog series on integrating restorative practices into your residence life work. Posts in the series include:

More from the blog…

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