The Roompact Recap for Summer 2021

Get Ready for Staff Training and Move In!

Hello Friends! It’s hard to believe it’s time to start preparing for move in! To help get you ready, we’ve compiled a number of updates for you in this quarter’s Roompact Recap. We’ve also created a checklist for you of common tasks to accomplish to ensure you’re ready to go on day 1!

Software Updates

You now have the ability to view your current staff members that have access to Roompact, bulk remove their access, and bulk upload new staff members.  In the past you needed to go through us to accomplish these tasks, but Administrators in Roompact can now do this on their own. If you go to Account Management, you will now notice there are three tabs. The first tab is the Account Management screen you are used to. The second two tabs are new. Learn more about how to view/deactivate staff and how to do a bulk import of staff.

Staff List and Removal
Staff Upload

Roompact Door Dec Contest 2021

Roompact is holding its fourth annual door dec contest! Here’s how it goes. This contest is open to schools who currently use Roompact’s software on their campus. Create a door dec with the name “Roompact” on it and email it to us at from your institutional email address (*.edu) with your name, institution, and designate if it’s in the professional or student staff category.

The door decs must be sent by September 30th at midnight local time to be considered!

PRIZES: Roompact attempts to support socially responsible, local, and minority owned businesses to the greatest extent possible. To further this aim, winners in the drawing will receive gift cards to Etsy–a site that allows you to order items from independent artisans, crafters, and small businesses.

Student staff winners will receive cards in the amounts as follows:

  • 1st place(s) – $50
  • Honorable mentions – $25

We’ll also be running a separate category for professional staff:

  • 1st place – $50
  • Honorable mentions – $25

Re-Create this Success Story on your own Campus

OU Success Story
Wondering how Roompact’s software can enhance your housing operations? The housing operations staff at the University of Oklahoma finds that Roompact breaks down communication silos and helps their department work more collaboratively with their residential education colleagues. Read their story and replicate their success.

Upcoming Conferences

In-person conferences are back and Roompact will be there! We look forward to seeing you at these upcoming events. Stop by our booth and say hello!

Heading to ICA? Hold Your Schedule…

Roompact Users Conference

Our Roompact User’s Conference is back… sort of… 🙂  We’re mixing it up a bit this year and will be holding a more abbreviated Roompact Update and Meet-Up session. The event will still be on-site and preceding the Institute on the Curricular Approach. So if your’e planning on attending ICA or are in the area, we hope you’ll join us! Hold the date and time.

Sunday, October 10 from 4-6pm
at the Westin O-Hare

Introducing Our ACUHO-I Intern: Camille Bonar

Camille Bonar

We’re happy to welcome Roompact’s first ever ACUHO-I intern, Camille Bonar. Camille comes to us from the University of Iowa. Remember her when it’s time to hire new staff! 😉

Updated Resource Pages

We’ve released three new resources pages to aid you in your practice–all related to resident assistants. Check our our generalist resource page as well as two specialized ones focusing in on training and on hiring and selection.

Our New Podcast: #ResEdChat!

Res Ed Chat

We started a podcast! The Roompact ResEdChat podcast is a digital variety hour of presentations, webinars, and interviews on topics of interest to residence life and education professionals who work in college and university housing.

Check out some of our episodes:

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