What Student Conduct Software Solutions Are The Most Commonly Used By Roompact Campuses?

Roompact’s software works in combination with your student conduct software to give you a more complete picture of your students and to provide better case management for students of concern. While your student conduct system is often your software of record for students with conduct violations and students of concern, Roompact helps by organizing your notes and information about students that don’t rise to the level of formal documentation. It is your direct connection to “on the ground” happenings.

Many schools will use Roompact’s software to capture notes from student staff members, resident assistants, and hall directors that can be invaluable for providing context on students of concern. It’s not uncommon for a housing professional to have Roompact’s software open when serving on a CARE team. Roompact’s software can also be used to coordinate follow up with residence life staff members and streamline communication flow.

So what are the most common student conduct software packages that Roompact campuses use? The above chart provides a breakdown, by percentage, of the number of Roompact software clients that use a specific sudent conduct software package:

When it comes to student conduct software, Roompact’s software can complement any of them, regardless of whatever software company you choose. Working together, these two solutions can make a powerful team.

3 Pillars of Software for Residnece Life including Roompact, your HMS, and your Student Conduct Software

Designed for residence life and education, Roompact’s software fills the gap between your Housing Management Software (HMS) and your Student Conduct Software. Working in combination, these solutions can be a powerful tool for promoting student learning and success. Your HMS helps you maintain where students live and all the operational aspects of housing selection, billing, and contracting. Your student conduct software helps with maintaining the integrity of your procedures when students violate your student code of conduct and for case managing students of concern. Roompact helps with the residence life and education functions of your department such as duty reports, intentional conversation tracking, scheduling, program proposals, curriculum, text and email communications, and lower level student notes and case management.

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