ResLife Office Set-Ups: Ian Miller, Director, Central Washington University

Where do you use Roompact?

I use Roompact in my on-campus office located in the Residence Life Office at Central Washington University. I find the Internet connection is more stable and faster than my office at home.

What is your office set-up?

Minimalism at its best! I recently upgraded monitors to have not only 2 but 2 monitors that are the same. I didn’t realize how much of an issue it was having 2 monitors that were slightly different sizes. I have my web camera and speakers setup to not be in my way of doing work but still accessible. I enjoy keeping my office free of distractions and clutter. It helps me to focus and to ensure items and surfaces are clean. Additionally, when I do meet with people in my office, I can give my full attention to them.

How has Roompact helped your everyday work?

Roompact has really helped to support our Residential Curriculum Model with forms and events. I can easily export data and filter the number of events and in-person interactions our staff have had during any given timeframe. As our institution has focused on retention being able to tell our (Residence Life) story has been critical. Roompact has allowed me to help ensure no student is missed or left out of engagement opportunities. We can log reasons as to why a student may be less engaged and thus respond in a creating and intentional way.

The GREAT Residence Life Roompact Office Set-Up Competition

Get new ideas and contribute to win prizes as we highlight the different office set ups of residence life professionals using Roompact’s software! If you want to get inspired for your own home or work office, check out all of the previous entries.

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