🦠 Ways Roompact’s Software Can Help During COVID-19: What We’re Seeing

The COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented situation for residence life departments across the county. As many campuses make the transition to online classes, at Roompact, we’re witnessing first-hand how our software has become more critical than ever. Additionally, many of our clients are using Roompact’s features and solutions in new and novel ways.

Here is what we’re seeing:

Tracking students who have left campus and those that remain.

Many campuses have utilized Roompact as a tracking tool to remain in contact with their community members whether those community members remain on campus or are geographically dispersed. While some have used it as a space to track students who remain on campus, others have utilized it to communicate and engage with their communities as if they were still intact, allowing for continuity of operations.

Roompact Clients: Reach out to us to find out if you wish to pause or change the way roster updates are handled. We can walk you through your options to find the best solution to your needs.

Staying in communication with residents (both remotely and on campus).

Roompact users are increasingly turning to the software’s communication features. Text messages are being used to communicate updates to entire communities and are also being used for two-way communication with individual residents. The added benefit of Roompact’s text messaging feature is that these texts are recorded and staff members can message residents without needing to utilize a personal phone number.

Microsurveys have also seen increased usage to get the pulse on communities and help in further planning efforts–asking residents if they intend to leave campus, coordinating move outs of student belongings, how residents are doing overall, and identifying students requiring individual outreach and follow-up efforts.

Roompact Clients: If you need to send multiple Microsurveys in a compressed timeline, or are utilizing text messages more often, we are being even more flexible with your text message allotments. 

Coordinating staff response.

Rather than having information trapped in individual staff email accounts or files, Roompact’s software has helped staff members stay informed about each other’s work and the current status of their students. Having a central repository for this information has been incredibly useful. Furthermore, the Staff Alert feature for instantaneous communication with staff members can be a helpful tool.

Roompact Clients: Because you may be receiving more Hub notifications than usual, remember you can utilize the Hub Filter to quickly sort through your notifications. Replying directly to Hub posts with additional information or  instructions allows staff with the appropriate permission levels to see all actions being taken.

Individual student case management.

Because Roompact’s software has the ability to share information in an aggregate format and through individual student-level profiles, it allows the appropriate staff to identify larger trends and manage work with students individually. The Resident Profile, which pulls in all information and work with an individual student into a timeline, allows staff members to access all outreach efforts and actions taken with a student. This can be especially useful for students who are vulnerable or students who require extra assistance.

Roompact Clients: Remember you can utilize labels and tags for quick analysis of trends emerging in your communities or as a method of triaging student support.

Digital Community.

Many campuses are maintaining intentional conversations with their residents even after they may leave campus. Utilizing an Intentional Conversation Form and Resident Notes has become more critical than ever. Intentional Conversation Forms can also be modified with more specific prompts and guides for student staff. This can provide student staff with support and guidance for their conversations that is more contextualized to the current circumstances.

Some campuses are also experimenting with Hub Discussion Posts (Roompact’s version of a digital discussion/bulletin board) to provide a monitored and dedicated space for students and staff to share information, ask questions, and engage their communities digitally.

Roompact Clients: Before advertising and utilizing Hub Discussion Posts as a means for residents to engage with one another, make sure the format fits your needs and that you have the resources to monitor and engage with students on this platform. This Ace Case can help.


Roompact has a number of resources for current clients that can help guide your usage of our software during campus disruptions as a result of COVID-19.

There are also a number of general resources and webinars (available to all) that can help:

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