Check out Roompact’s New Offices!

We’re growing! Earlier this summer Roompact moved into a new office space and we wanted to share our new digs with you. We are in a shared building with other companies as a part of the Novel Coworking group. This gives us access to a lot of shared amenities, just like our old space, but our new dedicated office is more unified and has plenty of space as we add new staff members to the team.

The common spaces at Roompact Offices with beer always on tap

On the top floor of the building you will find an awesome rooftop deck, as well as comfortable chairs if we need to get away and work in a different space. The kitchen area on this common floor also comes with a free beer tap, which constantly rotates through various craft brews. Of course, if beer isn’t you thing, we also have this machine…

Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte Bar at Roompact Offices

Coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, espressos are available at all times to keep us caffeinated and alert. Heading down to our own offices, on the fourth floor, you’ll be greeted with Roompact’s name on the door along with our new dedicated kitchen space…

Roompact's Kitchen

You can see some of the desks arranged here. Although each person has their “own desk” they can also act as flex spaces when we have an intern in the office or someone is visiting us from out of town. We also have our own dedicated conference room now…

Roompact's Conference Room

The conference room has a TV with easy access of conference calls and presentations. In our old office we had to reserve and share conference rooms with other companies, so this is a huge benefit to us. It’s already gotten a lot of use and sometimes we find ourselves wanting a second one.

Roompact neon sign on top of our bookshelf

The new office also has a lot of extra room for storage. Nevermind those books on the left, though. We had just received a big shipment of our very popular curriculum books that are ready for the upcoming conference season.

Finally, perhaps the best thing of all…

Free sparkling water in the fridge

A fully stocked fridge with all of the sparkling water your heart desires. You’d be surprised how fast we go through this. Perhaps we should thing about investing in a Sodastream.

There you have it! The new Roompact offices. We’re just a few blocks down from our old office, so we’re still located in the River North neighborhood of Chicago. If you should ever find yourself in the city and need a place to work or just want to visit, we’d be happy to host you.

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