The Roompact Recap for Spring 2019

Springtime is here!

As the semester or quarter winds down for many of you, we’re busy with adding and enhancing software features for the upcoming year. We’ve also been busy on the road doing a number of residential curriculum workshops across the country. So far this year we’ve traveled from Wisconsin, to California, Nebraska, Indiana, and New York. If you’re thinking about having a curriculum workshop on your own campus this summer, now is the ideal time to begin reaching out. We’d be happy to help!


Upload Feature

This quarter Roompact has two exciting new updates to share.

The first is an update to the Resources feature: you can now upload files directly into Roompact while creating a resource, rather than just pasting a link to a web page. This change allows for the easy creation of resources from files like PDFs, Word documents, and PowerPoint presentations.

The other major update this quarter is the release of a new technical integration system we are calling the Wolflow API. This new API enables campus IT resources to create data integrations that allow for the automated export of Roompact data to external systems. More information about the Roompact Wolflow API can be found in the announcement post in Roompact Discuss.

Another update that is the result of a lot of user feedback we have received: the ability for professional staff to tag the entire campus in the messaging features in Roompact. You will be able to tag your entire campus in both the Message Center and Staff Alert features in Roompact (this feature was already present in the Microsurveys module).

As always, you can keep track of Roompact software updates by reading the Development Notes category on our discussion website.


Are you planning to use Roompact with summer term residents? If so, there’s a few things to remember:

  • Make sure you connect with us to schedule a “rollover.” This process happens after all spring data has been entered and you’re ready to transition to the summer term. It archives the data from the past year and creates a fresh environment for new data to be entered. You can reach out to Ann or Support to get this scheduled.
  • Plan for summer resident data to be sent after the rollover. This may require checking in with your IT team or whomever is currently sending data to Roompact.
  • During the rollover process, student staff accounts are deactivated. If you’d like us to import your summer RA/CA staff for you, please send us a spreadsheet with columns for first name, last name, email, unique ID (if applicable), building assignment, and floor assignment.

If you’re not using Roompact with residents over the summer, you don’t need to worry about this. As always, feel free to reach out with questions, and happy closing!


Ben Levy

Ben joined our technical team at the start of this year, and has been busy writing code. Including code for some of the new features we are highlighting in this newsletter.

Learn more about Ben.


Upcoming Conferences
Roompact will have representatives at the following events.
Find our booth and stop by to say hello!

  • WACUHO (April 14-17, Oakland, OK)
  • ACUHO-I (June 22-25, Toronto, ON, Canada)
Roompact Unplugged

“Social” at ACUHO-I ACE 2019 in Toronto

Roompact will be hosting a unique social event featuring mini-Ted-like talks, beverages, and food on Sunday, June 23, 2019 from 5:30pm – 9:00pm EDT (with speed sessions from 6:30pm – 7:30pm). Reserve your spot for $5 and learn more about the event here. All proceeds will go to the ACUHO-I Foundation.


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