Get to Know The Roompact Team! Meet Matt Unger

Matt is the founder and CEO at Roompact. From Roompact’s earliest beginnings focusing on roommate agreement to the full suite of features we have today, Matt has been at the helm of Roompact since day one. Matt works on a little bit of everything at Roompact, from keeping the books, to helping with sales and support, and the occasional software and web development. He prides himself on bringing a personal touch to our software and services.

Matt Unger

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Alma Mater: Marquette University
Major: Computer Science
Favorite Emoji: Slack, the chat software we use at Roompact, has a custom emoji set based off of the video game Doom. My favorite is Go Berserk Icon

How did you get into software development?
My Dad bought me the domain name as a gift on my 12th birthday. The domain name came with free web hosting for up to 3 pages. I was fascinated that I could post anything to my website and people all over the world could see it. I began teaching myself HTML and worked my way up from there.

Why are you excited to work at Roompact?
Ever since I started programming, my motivation has been to build software that people actually use. I have built a LOT of software that never got used. That’s not fun. The feeling of making life better for 1 person through software you helped build is incredibly thrilling. It’s even more exciting when you’re helping hundreds of thousands of people and you get the opportunity to have personal relationships with many of them.

Matt Unger

In addition to being surrounded by a fantastic team, I feel very lucky to have stumbled into the field of Student Affairs. The people in our industry are incredibly kind and have the same ultimate mission as we do — helping and making life better for people.

What philosophy or values inform your work?
Two simple things: Be nice and work hard.

What is your favorite college memory?
Opening my apartment door to see my future wife. My roommates were having a party I didn’t know about and she was the first person to show up. Two years prior, I had been in a class with her and had a secret crush. I never talked to her, never saw her again, and she didn’t know I existed. Until I opened that door. It was the most impactful moment of my life.

What do you do for fun? Any hobbies?
I love cooking, trying new food, and exploring Chicago with my wife Megan and our pup, Lily. I also enjoy running and playing soccer. But overall, Roompact is life. Just the other day, Megan and I joked that the only 2 things we talk about are Roompact and Lily.

Matt Unger

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