Announcing the 2017 Roompact Door Dec Contest Winners!

Congratulations to all the winners and participants in our first Roompact Door Dec Contest! We were floored by the creative submissions, and we’re honored to keep them on our office wall. Here’s a little about our winning artists!

Door Decs

1st Place: Newstein Chang

About Newstein

I go to Saint Peter’s University, home of the Peacocks! I’m Taiwanese-American, a sibling of two, from Edison, NJ. I’m a Junior majoring in Biology and Elementary Education and a first-year RA for a co-ed floor. As a first-year RA, believe me, I was apprehensive. But now it’s been a month, and I LOVE my residents. Sure, there are ups and downs, skirmishes, and sleep-deprived nights, but the opportunity we RAs have to make and strengthen bonds with these residents is PRICELESS. I’m an aspiring teacher, hoping to inspire my future students. I also have a passion for science; since I was young I was captured by nature documentaries and ancient tales of dinosaurs. My hobbies include drawing and ping-pong playing.

About the Dec

I knew I wanted to make something peacock-related, to get my Freshmen pumped and proud of joining our small school: gotta show off that Peacock Pride! Adding 3-D features is sort of my signature mark, as it makes an art piece or project lift itself from its 2-D drabness and grab the eyes of the beholder.

2nd Place: Gigi DeWeese

About Gigi

I am a senior at the University of Pittsburgh double majoring in both Biology and Philosophy. There are so many aspects of the RA job I have fallen in love with, like getting to work so closely to other RAs, developing leadership skills, as well as getting to help my residents. However, I think my favorite part is getting to meet so many people who are so different from myself.

About the Dec

My inspiration for my door decoration came from wanting to incorporate the Roompact logo in a more creative way, and I thought having parts of the door decoration that could move around would be super cool! (The moon moves across the sky and the tail can be wagged.)

3rd Place: Bryonna Aldubayan

About Bryonna

My name is Bryonna Aldubayan and I am an RA at Pennsylvania College of Technology. My favorite part about being an RA is being able to share my creativity with my residents through door decs and bulletin boards while also planning programs that allow my residents to express themselves to me. Some of my hobbies include Zumba, Yoga, and Quizzo.

About the Dec

My inspiration for the door dec I sent in came from Roompact’s name and logo. I tried to think of door decs related to being back to school and I thought backpack rhymed with Roompact nicely. I added their logo on the backpack because I thought the silhouette resembled my school mascot a little bit, which is a wildcat. I love making door decs, so I was excited to send one in to Roompact when I found out about the competition, and look forward to participating in more.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable mentions went to:

  • Katie Lewis from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Emma Rage from University of North Dakota
  • Kory Theil from University of North Dakota
  • Maddie Bauer from Oregon State University
  • Kai Haven & Collin Nobel from University of Puget Sound

Roompact Topics - Door Decs Design and Ideas

Access our resource page for more ideas and examples of staff-created door decs and bulletin boards.

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