The “Typology Edition” of our “Student Affairs Trading Card” Business Cards

We previously released Series 1, and Series 2 of our Student Affairs Trading Card business cards and now it’s time for series 3! This edition pays tribute typologies–a subset of student development theory that categorizes personalities and aptitudes according to different types.

Our new cards draw from concepts found in Carl Jung’s Psychological Types (1921) and the Briggs Myers Type Indicator Handbook (1944). You’ll find cards representing four pairs of personality traits including: Extrovert and Introvert, Intuition and Sensing, Thinker and Feeler, and Perceiving and Judging.

Our new cards will be making their debut at the ACUHO-I Annual Conference and Exhibition this month in Providence, RI. Stop by our booth in the exhibit hall to chat and pick up one of our cards. Collect your type or try for the whole set.

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