We are Roompact and this is our Pact…

Steve Jobs famously referred to Apple’s work as being at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. At Roompact, we view our work similarly. Every day we collaborate with educators looking to enhance the residential experience of college and university students worldwide through the use of technology.

Steve Jobs

When the Roompact team recently got together for our mid-year retreat, we decided we needed to put our mission and values into words. How do we see ourselves? How do we view our work? Where do we fit into the tech and higher education landscapes? What change are we trying to affect?

The result of these efforts is our “pact.” The Roompact Pact. (See what we did there!) And we’re sharing it with you for the for the first time, here. The Pact is the promise we make to ourselves and the promise we make to our partner-clients.

Roompact represents a diverse array of people with different backgrounds and strengths… from programmers and software engineers to residential educators and higher education PhDs. And yet, when we come together, we’re bound by a common mission. This mission is our pact…

The Roompact Pact

Roompact is a residential life and educational technology company.

We approach our work with passion, dedication, and a sense of fun.

We are more than service providers.
We are partners and colleagues in the educational process.
We leverage technology to amplify and enhance student learning.

We are boundary-pushers.
We are programmers exploring the latest technologies.
We create modern and robust software that is intuitive and easy-to-use.

We are constantly learning.
We are scholar practitioners contributing to and advancing knowledge.
We incorporate the latest research into the work we do.

We are successful when our colleagues are happy, healthy, effective, and efficient.
We are successful when students learn and achieve their goals and dreams.
We aim to make our corner of the world a better place.

We are Roompact.

And this is our Pact.

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