5 Tips for Crafting an Outstanding NRHH OTM Nomination

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) chapters across college campuses recognize and celebrate outstanding individuals who make significant contributions to the residential community through the Of the Month (OTM) awards. These awards are a wonderful way to honor exceptional student leaders, dedicated staff members, and impactful programs. Crafting a compelling NRHH OTM nomination requires thoughtful consideration and attention to detail. In this blog post, we will provide you with five valuable tips to help you write an outstanding NRHH OTM nomination.

1. Be Specific and Detailed:

When writing an NRHH OTM nomination, it’s essential to be specific and provide detailed examples of the nominee’s contributions and achievements. Instead of using vague statements, such as “they have done great work,” focus on describing specific projects, initiatives, or events they have spearheaded or participated in. Highlight how these endeavors have positively impacted the residential community and individuals involved. Including specific details helps the selection committee better understand the nominee’s impact and increases their chances of receiving recognition.

Example: “John organized a mental health awareness campaign in our residence hall, where he collaborated with campus counselors to host informative workshops, initiated a ‘wellness wall’ where residents shared positive messages, and organized a 5K charity run to raise funds for mental health resources on campus. As a result, more than 150 residents actively engaged in the campaign, fostering a supportive and caring environment within our community.”

2. Use Powerful and Descriptive Language:

To make your NRHH OTM nomination stand out, use powerful and descriptive language to convey the nominee’s accomplishments and qualities. Choose words that evoke emotion and highlight the nominee’s exceptional contributions. Avoid using overly generic or repetitive language and strive for originality in your writing. Consider using metaphors or vivid descriptions to paint a picture of the nominee’s impact.

Example: “Sarah’s dedication to fostering inclusivity within our residence hall is akin to a lighthouse, guiding lost souls towards a sense of belonging. Her unwavering commitment to hosting cultural exchange events, where residents from diverse backgrounds come together to celebrate their traditions, has transformed our hall into a vibrant tapestry of cultures, bridging gaps and fostering understanding.”

3. Showcase Leadership and Collaboration Skills:

NRHH OTM nominations often recognize individuals who demonstrate outstanding leadership and collaboration skills. Highlight the nominee’s ability to inspire and motivate others, effectively communicate ideas, and work collaboratively with different stakeholders. Discuss their role in organizing events, leading teams, or taking on responsibilities that go beyond their regular duties. Emphasize how their leadership has positively impacted the residential community and influenced the growth of others.

Example: “Alex’s natural ability to lead and collaborate has been instrumental in the success of our hall council. As the president, they have demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, fostering an environment where every member’s voice is heard and valued. Their inclusive leadership style has empowered residents to take ownership of hall initiatives, resulting in a series of engaging programs that brought our community closer together.”

4. Highlight Personal Growth and Impact:

In addition to highlighting the nominee’s accomplishments, discuss their personal growth and the transformative impact they have had on themselves and others. NRHH OTM nominations often value individuals who have gone through significant development journeys and have positively influenced the lives of those around them. Share stories or anecdotes that showcase how the nominee’s actions have inspired others, promoted personal growth, and created lasting change.

Example: “Rebecca’s journey of personal growth is awe-inspiring. When she first arrived in our residence hall, she was a shy and reserved individual. Through her involvement in various leadership roles and volunteering opportunities, she blossomed into a confident and empathetic leader. Her genuine interest in each resident’s well-being has created a ripple effect, as more students now actively engage in our hall’s programs and express a sense of belonging.”

5. Focus on Core Values of NRHH

Lastly, remember to align your nomination with the core values of NRHH: recognition, service, scholarship, and leadership. Link the nominee’s actions and contributions to these values, demonstrating how they embody the spirit of NRHH. By doing so, you emphasize that the nominee’s efforts go beyond the ordinary and truly exemplify the ideals of the organization.

Example: “Emily’s tireless commitment to service has been nothing short of extraordinary. From organizing weekly community service initiatives to volunteering at local shelters, her dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of others is truly commendable. Her selflessness and willingness to go above and beyond demonstrate the core value of service that NRHH embodies.”

Writing an outstanding NRHH OTM nomination requires careful thought and attention to detail. By following these five tips—being specific and detailed, using powerful language, showcasing leadership and collaboration skills, highlighting personal growth and impact, and aligning with NRHH core values—you can craft a compelling nomination that truly captures the remarkable contributions and qualities of the individual or program you are nominating. Remember, each nomination has the power to recognize and inspire, so take the time to craft a nomination that shines a light on those who have made a significant difference in your residential community.

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