The Roompact Recap for Summer 2019

Summer is upon us and the Fall is coming quickly. We hope it has been relaxing for you. One of the most exciting things we’re working on this summer is an update to the Roommate Agreements module. Roommate Agreements was one of the first pieces of code ever written at Roompact and it has been overdue for an update. Starting this Fall, you’ll notice a modernized interface–similar to what you have come to expect with our Forms features. Don’t worry! The templates you are working on or have saved in the system are safe and they will automatically be ported over to the new interface. Look for it as we head into August.


You can now edit and delete Hub posts and replies! We have received a lot of feedback about this functionality and are excited to finally make this available to all of our users. Learn More. Hub Post Editing and Deletion Animation A common piece of feedback we have received over time is the ability to download a list of shifts. Starting now, users have the ability to download a CSV (spreadsheet) file containing a list of shift assignments using the new Download Shifts button at the top of the Schedule module. Learn More.

Scheduling Download Feature As always, you can keep track of Roompact software updates by reading the Development Notes category on our discussion website.


Here’s some reminders to think about while preparing for the fall:

  • Rollovers: Did you use Roompact with residents over the summer? If so, make sure to connect with us to schedule another “rollover” to archive the summer term.
    • If you use Schedule, do not start creating fall duty schedules prior to the end-of-summer rollover, as those shifts will not be carried into the new term.
    • If you’ve recently had a rollover, make sure you’re working in the current term instead of the archived term! In the archived term, a yellow pop-up appears in the lower right-hand corner of the screen prompting you to switch to the new term.
  • Resident welcome emails: Do you know when you’d like welcome emails to go out to new fall residents? If you plan to use the Roompact default email, contact us to give us a date when those emails should go out. If you are planning to send out a custom welcome email using Message Center instead, make sure to plan out what the content will be and when you’ll send it.
  • Roommate agreements: If you use Roommate Agreements, remember to Set your agreement templates to the relevant buildings prior to fall residents logging in.


Megan ArmstrongMegan Armstrong

Megan joined our support and client experience team in June and you may have already interacted with her. She’ll be working with Ann to support you during opening and throughout the year.

Learn more about Megan.


The Roompact Users Conference!

Roompact Users Conference 2019Roompact is pleased to announce its second annual user’s conference scheduled for this fall on Saturday, October 12th, 2018 between 12:30pm-4:30pm at the Anaheim Marriott. During this conference you can expect Showcase sessions from current Roompact clients, sprint sessions doing deeper dives into Roompact features and best practices, and the opportunity to interact with Roompact teammates from each of our departments to discuss specific needs and features. The Conference is scheduled immediately before ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach(formerly the Residential Curriculum Institute), which makes it easy to attend both if you wish. Roompact is proud to be the official software sponsor of the Institute and we highly encourage your attendance. If you’re not attending the ACPA ICA conference but would still like to attend ours, please do! We will also be holding a social on the first full night of ICA, open to all regardless of conference attendance on Sunday, October 13th, from 8:00pm-10:00pm at Splitsville Luxury Bowling Lanes in Downtown Disney. Drinks, dessert, bowling, and transportation (Lyft) are all included. We’ve been able to make the cost free this year, but we ask that you register prior.

Click Here to Register


RA Training For Residential Curriculum Part 7

Our Summer 7 Part Series on RA Training for Residential Curriculum:

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