The Roompact Recap for Winter 2019

Happy New Year! We’re feeling optimistic about 2019 and hope you are too. Here’s to achieving our resolutions and making an impact!

With this Quarterly Recap we’re excited to announce a number of new developments. We released a new curriculum explainer video, added a new team member, and biggest of all, we entered into a formal partnership with ACPA – College Student Educators international. We continue to focus on providing tools that can enhance student success and learning, and through our partnership with ACPA we can further deepen this commitment.

Learn more about the ACPA + Roompact Partnership.


We often hear from our campus partners how they struggle to explain the curricular approach to staff members and stakeholders. Recognizing this need, we have worked over the past few months to develop the following video that gives a broad high-level overview of the basics of a curricular approach. The following video can be used at staff trainings, sent to individuals who want to learn more, or embedded on a website for training. Please share and use widely. We hope it will help.


  • For any staff members that have left your department since the fall, be sure to remove their accounts via Account Management. Staff members are not removed automatically, so it’s important to remove access for users that no longer work with you. This ensures that resident data is kept secure to those who need to see it.
  • If you have any Form templates that were specific to the fall, be sure to Disable them so that they are no longer accepting new submissions.
  • Remember that you can schedule Microsurveys in advance, so if you have any surveys planned for the rest of the year, you can set them up now to send on a particular date.

If you run into any questions or challenges, let us know!


Jong YounJong Youn

Jong joined our sales team, working alongside Dan starting at the end of last year. Jong will be hitting the road to attend many of the upcoming regional conferences this spring. Be sure to stop by our booth to say hello. We’re excited to have him on board and joining our team!

Learn more about Jong.


Upcoming Conferences

Roompact will have representatives at the following events.
Find our booth and stop by to say hello!

  • NWACUHO (February 11-13, Portland, OR)
  • SWACUHO (February 16-20, Oklahoma City, OK)
  • SEAHO (February 26-March 1, Jacksonville, FL)
  • ACPA & NASPA (We won’t be having a booth, but Paul and Matt will be attending. Let’s connect!)


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