Recapping Day 2 of the 2017 Residential Curriculum Institute

Roompact is proud to sponsor of ACPA’s Residential Curriculum Institute. Offered annually to educators and professionals in residence life and education, the Institute is a three day series of sequential workshops and sessions that teach participants how to implement a curricular approach to education in the residence halls.

As provider of software that enables colleges and universities to implement and track a residential curriculum, Roompact is on the ground in Oklahoma this week. In case you missed it, we’ll be recapping each day of the institute:


Session 2

Beginning: Learning Goals, Narratives, and Outcomes
with Paul Brown, Kathleen Gardner, Erin Simpson, and Ryan Lloyd

Intermediate/Advancing: Rubric Development
with Amanda Knerr and Eric Pernotto

Intermediate/Advancing: Establishing a Scholar Practitioner Culture
with Kathleen Kerr and Jim Tweedy

Intermediate/Advancing: Facilitating Organizational Change Within a Curricular Context
with Hilary Lichterman and Steve Herndon

Session 3

Beginning: Educational Plans, Sequencing, Lesson Plans, and Strategy Outcomes
with Ryan Lloyd, Natalie Allen, Paul Brown, and Erin Simpson

Intermediate/Advancing: Educational and Lesson Plans: Putting it All Together
with Hilary Lichterman and Amanda Knerr

Intermediate/Advancing: Developing/Integrating Multiple Plans
with Eric Pernotto and Linda Kasper

Intermediate/Advancing: Maximizing the Political and Cultural Landscape on Your Campus
with Kathleen Kerr and Steve Herndon

Keynote: Dr. Michele DiPietro

How Learning Works:: 7 Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching

Showcase 2

North Carolina State University, North Dakota State University, Carelton University, and Appalachian State University

Showcase 3

Central Michigan University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, University of Connecticut, Wilfrid Laurier University

Night on the Town

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