Reflections of a First Time Attendee at ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach

Guest Post by Christopher Trautman, Residence Life Professional, The College of New Jersey This past month in Baltimore, MD, ACPA held their 15th annual Institute on the Curricular Approach (ICA). The Institute teaches student affairs professionals how to design and implement out-of-class experiences for students that facilitate learning in an intentionally designed and sequenced way. I... Continue Reading →

Scheduling Your Way to Success in Residence Life

As we are [hopefully] settling into the start of our academic years, you may have been noticing some patterns in your calendars and weekly schedules. It can quickly feel overwhelming with the various administrative tasks to accomplish each day and week, and with the unexpected items demanding a more urgent response which redirects our focus.... Continue Reading →

Restorative Practices in ResLife: Prioritizing Connection in Intentional Conversations & Interactions

This post is one in a series about integrating Restorative Practices into a model for residential learning.  Start with the introduction as a primer and explore posts on other strategies you can utilize with a restorative lens.| Introduction | Roommate Agreements | Floor Meetings & Circles | Curriculum Development | Residential Curriculum | Intentional Conversations... Continue Reading →

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