🦠 ResLife & Corona Episode 5: Are you doing Intentional Conversations? You probably should be.

In episode 5 of Roompact's series on residence life and education during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Paul Brown discusses how intentional conversations as a strategy in your engagement with students can be especially useful during this time. Intentional Conversations are one-on-one meetings between student staff and residents that are guided by a suggested set of... Continue Reading →

3 Res Life Quick Tips for Assessing a Program

Roompact's "Res Life Quick Tips" series highlights ideas and suggestions you can utilize in your residence life and equation practice. Take a look through our past quick tips. Programs are often an essential part of a residence life program's educational and engagement efforts. But how do we know they are effective? Being able to construct... Continue Reading →

Curricular Approach Q&A: Can a Curricular Approach Work on a Campus with a Large Commuter Population?

Yes. A curricular approach to student affairs work utilizes the processes and methods of teachers in the classroom and adapts it to the out-of-class setting. Setting learning objectives and planning strategies and engagements with students works regardless of whether they live on campus or not. You may need to think about your curriculum differently, however.... Continue Reading →

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