Did your housing or residence life department direct you to Roompact to complete your roommate agreement and/or your suitemate agreement? Click on the log-in button in the upper right to begin!

After logging in look for the Agreements option on the left hand navigation bar. Depending on your campus, you may have a roommate agreement, a suitemate agreement or both. Remember to get together with those you live with before filling this out. They must be completed together, from one device.

Click into an Agreement to begin. You will discuss your answers with your roommate(s) and/or suitemate(s) and fill out the form. Are there things that weren’t asked in your agreement that are important to you? Some schools allow you to add you own terms at the end of the agreement.

At the end of you agreement, you and all of your roommate(s) and/or suitemate(s) will be asked to sign ti to compete it. Whoever logged in to complete it can sign directly. Others can enter the email address associated with their Roompact account and also sign. (Alternatively, they can log in on their own device later and sign it then.)