Roompact Training on Agreements

Roompact’s Agreements feature allows you to provide roommates and suitemates with an agreement document (or documents) that they can fill out together and sign. Administrators are able to create agreement templates (for rooms, suites, or both) and select which buildings will receive specific agreements. Hall Directors and Resident Assistants can view agreement status (Not Started, In Progress, Completed), view completed agreements, and reset the agreements to allow residents complete it again from the start.

Residents can complete and sign roommate agreements and suitemate agreements (if applicable), review them, and propose changes mid-year as necessary.

1. Create an Agreement Template

The first step in working with Agreements is to create agreements templates that your residents will fill out. There are two types of templates: Roommate and Suitemate. A room can have none, one, or both of these types depending on how you set it up and how many residents live in the room and/or suite.

2. Setting Agreement Templates to Buildings

After creating your template(s), you must then assign them to buildings. You can set a default agreement for all of campus and/or set specific buildings to receive specific templates. Suitemate agreements can only be set in buildings that were set up in Roompact’s software to recognize suites/apartments.

3. Residents Complete Agreements

When logging into Roompact for the first time, residents will be asked to complete an agreement if one is available for them. Rooms and suites must have at least two people in them to receive a roommate or suitemate agreement. Roommate and suitemate agreements are treated as two separate documents and residents may have both.

Residents must complete their agreements together, on one computer. They cannot be completed collaboratively from two separate computers.

Some schools will have an RA help facilitate an agreement for residents, ask one of them to log in, and act as the note taker, others will have roommate/suitemate groupings bring one laptop to a floor meeting to complete the agreement(s).

Residents can find their agreements under the Agreements menu option in the left had navigation bar. They are guided step-by-step through the agreement and are asked to sign the agreement as the last step. In creating the template, schools can also allow residents to add their own questions/terms to the agreement.

4. Viewing Your Agreement Data

Hall Directors and Resident Assistants can view the status of the agreements in their area(s) and click to view the contents of any agreement. This allows you to track completion progress as well as review an agreement if a mediation is required.

If you ever require summary completion statistics for your campus, just send Roompact an email. We can easily pull this report for you.

Proposing Changes to a Completed Agreement or Resetting It

Proposing A Change to an Agreement

After completing an agreement, residents may want to revisit it and propose changes. If they log into Roompact’s software and navigate to their agreement, they can propose changes. All other roommates/suitemates will be notified by email that a change has been proposed, prompting them to log in and re-sign or propose an alternative change.

If you ever need to clear out an agreement document so residents can complete it from scratch, you can “reset” the agreement. Residents will receive a new agreement document according to the template you have set for their building.

Resetting an Agreement

When Residents Move Rooms…

If a resident moves out of a room or suite leaving at least one other resident behind, a new incoming resident will see the prior agreement document and be able to review it and propose changes. You can also reset the agreement so it will be cleared out and residents can complete it anew.

When all residents of a room or suite move out and new residents move in (typically over the summer or between terms), the agreement document is reset back to the template signed for that building.

Learn More in our Support Portal

Our support portal provides more detailed information and instructions on how to use the Agreements feature. Learn more about topics such as…

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  • Setting Agreement Templates to Buildings
  • Agreement Process for a Resident
  • Filtering and Viewing Agreements
  • Proposing Changes to a Completed Agreement
  • Resetting an Agreement
  • Common Agreement Terms

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