Roompact Software Training for Professional Staff

Looking to take your Roompact software usage to the next level?
We’ve got a number of resources that can help.

Comprehensive Training

Roompact provides complementary in-person comprehensive training to all new schools that onboard with us. For continuing schools, we offer this same training as an online webinar twice a year (in January and September). This is great for those staff members new-to-Roompact or those that just want a refresher training. We make a recording of this webinar available on our support portal. If you ever want a specialized training for your campus, just reach out to us. It is free when done virtually, and available at cost (just pay for our travel!) when done on campus.

Roompact Orientation and Training Video

Feature-Specific Training Resources

If you’re looking to get up to speed on specific features within Roompact’s software, or want to do a deeper dive, we’ve curated a number of links and videos from across our various content channels. Click on the feature you want to learn more about:

More coming soon…