Residence Life Needs Its Own CRM

What is a CRM? CRM stands for Customer/Client Relationship Management. It is a tool that professionals in nearly all organizations or industries use to help manage and keep record of their work and processes. Sales and support professionals typically use a CRM to log interactions that we have with clients so that we know where... Continue Reading →

The Challenge of Designing Apps for Programming Models and Residential Curriculum

As a residential education software company working with many different colleges and universities, Roompact designs its software in a way that can accommodate the range of approaches institutions can take to the learning process in the residence halls. One of the most interesting design challenges we have confronted is how to accommodate both residential curriculum models and category-based... Continue Reading →

We are Roompact and this is our Pact…

Steve Jobs famously referred to Apple's work as being at the intersection of liberal arts and technology. At Roompact, we view our work similarly. Every day we collaborate with educators looking to enhance the residential experience of college and university students worldwide through the use of technology. When the Roompact team recently got together for our mid-year retreat,... Continue Reading →

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