Student Affairs Trading Card – Series 1, Card 4

Student Affairs Trading Card 1-4: Intersectionality

The forth card in the #SAcard Series is Intersectionality.

Student Affairs Trading Card 1-4: Intersectionality

A recognition that social identities are complex and that multiple identities, and the experience of one’s unique set of identities, differs for each individual. Identities are also of different salience based on time, history, culture, and location.

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NWACUHO – Bellevue, WA
SWACUHO – Sugar Land, TX
SEAHO – Louisville, KY
WACE – Rancho Mirage, CA
ACUHO-i National Conference – Portland, OR
ACUHO-i Business Operations – New Orleans, LA
ACUHO-i Academic Initiatives – New Orleans, LA
NEACUHO – Niagara, NY
ACPA Institute on the Curricular Approach – Baltimore, MD
GLACUHO – Springfield, IL
MACUHO – Lancaster, PA
AIMHO – Billings, MT