THEY’RE BACK! Student Affairs Trading Cards

Student Affairs Trading Cards Business Cards

At Roompact, we like to have fun with our work. We also thrive on trying new and creative things. So, one day a couple of years ago, inspiration struck. Proving that all good ideas come to you in the shower while you’re shampooing your hair, one of our team members came up with the idea of creating Student Affairs Trading Cards.

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Since then, we have passed out thousands of SA trading cards at conferences and events, and have been overwhelmed with the response. The best part for us is knowing folks use them for flash cards, as bookmarks, and reference the cards in conversations with colleagues. 

Over the next few months we will highlight each of the 10 Student Affairs Trading Cards, starting with SA Trading Card 1/10: Holism.

Student Affairs Trading Card 1-10: Holism

Holism: Advocated for in the 1937 Student Personnel Point of View, educating the whole student requires helping students learn from and in all aspects of their lives — not just cognitively, not just in the classroom, but also about themselves in their relationships.

Want to get your own SA Trading Cards? Reach out to us at an upcoming Roompact sponsored event (ACUHO-i Academic Initiatives conference, ACPA’s Institute on the Curricular Approach), and at national and regional ACUHO-i conferences. Each staff member on the team has business cards with all of these fun designs on the back. Some staff members even have special “rare” cards that are only in their deck 🙂

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