Roompact’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

Roompact Blog Top 10 of 2018

Roompact is committed to providing freely available professional development and thought pieces to our broader professional community in residence life and student affairs. As we wind down 2018, we wanted to take a look back at the most successful new blog posts we released this year. The following Top 10 List provides a run down of our most visited content.

Number 10:

Implications for Staff Member Duties, Selection, Training, and Development When Transitioning to a Curricular Approach

Duties, Training, and Selection

Number 9:

Four Ways Residence Life Education Can Go Wrong

Four Ways Residence Life Education Can Go Wrong

Number 8:

Six Videos To Use During Residence Life Professional Staff Training (With Bonus Curriculum Videos!)


Number 7:

What’s On Your Residential Education and Curriculum Summer Reading List?

Person reading book

Number 6:

What are Residential Curriculum Goals and Narratives and How to Write Them

Writing Narratives

Number 5:

Updated eBook! Roompact Blog Post Compendium on “Developing a Co-Curricular Learning Model”

Roompact eBook

Number 4:

The Difference Between a “Mission Statement” and an “Educational Priority” in a Curriculum

Mission Statement versus Edcuational Priority.001

Number 3:

27 Quick Questions to Assess Student Learning

Did They Learn Anything?

Number 2:

Teaching College Students To Use The Appropriate Communication Platforms

Tech Enabled Communication Methods

Number 1:

5 Signs Your Residential Curriculum is Actually a Programming Model with Learning Outcomes

Question Mark