At Roompact we’re committed not only to developing the best software for residential student learning and management, but also to advancing the field as a whole–through the sharing of resources and contributing to and disseminating knowledge. In keeping with this commitment, we’re please to offer up our very first eBook, “Be A Change Agent for Student Learning in the Residence Halls.”

This eBook provides professionals with an overview of important elements of developing a residence hall based educational plan and curriculum. It can be used as a personal resource, or during staff professional development opportunities and training programs. Below you will find an excerpt from the introduction of our eBook along with a link that will take you too the download page. We hope you will find it useful!

One of the primary roles of housing and residence life professionals is to advance student learning. But given the myriad of hats and tasks that professionals take on, it can sometimes become lost in the mix. Numerous professional statements and documents, however, are clear that student learning is, and should become, the main focus of student affairs work.

Focusing on student learning is more difficult than it may seem. It requires intentionality and continuous review to ensure that it is advanced and maximized. There are also a number of barriers to developing a learning-centered organization. Time and budget constraints can sometimes cause one to cut corners, hiring and training the right educationally-minded staff requires a consistent focus, and stakeholders and other partners can sometimes question the educative roles of student affairs professionals. Despite these headwinds, developing a clear and consistently communicated message about student learning is important in the development of a true residential education program.

The following eBook was developed to help residential life and education professionals in developing and maintaining a residential learning program or curriculum at their institutions. It provides an overview and justification for centering residence life work on student learning as well as an overview of essential elements of an educational plan. Developing a well articulated residential learning model, or curriculum, is key to the development of a twenty-first century residential education program. We hope you find this resource helpful in your planning. We also encourage you to learn more about the Residential Curriculum Institute, which this eBook references. Roompact is proud to sponsor this educational opportunity provided by ACPA—College Student Educators International and is committed to the advancement of research and scholarship in this area.

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